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Our company provide welding services, plumginf, wiring and construction work in Germany

About us


P&L Profi-Schweiss s.r.o. We provide professional services in the field of building industry. Welding services, wiring services and waterworks plumbing services…

 We specialize mainly in providing welding services, which contributed to significant progress of our company.

We established the company P&L Profi-Schweiss, s. r. o. – which is based in Slovakia – in 2013. Most of our work is carried out in Germany.

 Our company cooperates with German companies that appreciate our capabilities and experience in the field. Customer satisfaction and quality service delivery are our priorities.


Zváranie - zváračské práce - P&L Profi-Schweiss, s.r.o.


Welding service is the principal activity of our company. We provide services in the field of construction intustry, especially in Germany. We have been providing these sevices succesfully in Germany since 2008. We work for our clients in places such as shopping malls, commercial establishments, manufacturing halls, schools, hospitals and private companies.

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Elektroinštalačné práce - P&L Profi-Schweiss s.r.o.


We provide wiring services that include light-current and heavy-current electrical engineering. The work is carried out by our employees that have neccesery certifications to operate electrical installations with various difficulty. We also provide services that include cable laying.

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Voda - vodoinštalačné práce - P&L Profi-Schweiss s.r.o.


These services include plumbing and canalization. We provide complete engineering network construction services. We do installations and replacements of water meters, piping and other waterworks plumbing services. We also provide heating services, installation, reparation and reconstruction of distribution system.

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Stavebné práce - P&L Profi-Schweiss s.r.o.


We do construction services, various types of plasterwork, and painting work. It mostly concerns the construction of commercial premises, non-residential premises and partial reconstruction of houses. Based on customers’ requirements, we also do finishing work in houses, flats or other final work of a construction.

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Expertise and qualifications

All services are carried out by qualified workers that have wide range of experience in the field.
We also provide construction activities and assembly services in cooperation with our German partners.

Service delivery partners

pozrieť partnerov:

SALO Elektrotechnik GmbH, Lobenstein

Richter Rohrleitungsbau GmbH, Hamburg

Kunze Elektroinstallations GmbH, Leipzig

Stampka Elektro GmbH, Magdeburg

EPS Wittenberg GmbH. & Co. KG

EAB Elektroanlagenbau GmbH, Neugersdorf

KMS TEC René Kummrow, Oranienbaum-Wörlitz
CHERIER Elektromontage GmbH, Leipzig

Working with materials

We employ professional and certified welders. Our welders have passed welding certification tests in accordance with requirements of international standards.
Welding, Welding of reinforcing steel Part 1: Load-bearing welded joints ISO 17660-1: 2006
TN EN ISO 9606-1: Welders qualification tests. Fusion welding.

Welding methods also include MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG and their combination. Orbital welding.

The qualification of our workers is constantly verified in accordance with EN and ISO standards, under the supervision of experienced welding professionals.


Our experience includes working with materials such as ferritic-pearlite steels,
austenitic steels and other materials that are usually used.

STN EN ISO 17660-1 zváranie - P&L Profi-Schweiss, s.r.o
STN EN ISO 9606-1 zváranie - P&L Profi-Schweiss, s.r.o


We employ qualified workers in the construction industry.

Place of work: Germany

If you are interested in working in our company, you can send us your CV and references via e-mail:

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  • Plumber / Heating techniciani



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